Asset Integrity and Process Safety Management (AI&PSM)

Improving and ensuring the highest levels of process safety and integrity of the facilities, pipes and equipment across the entire asset lifecycle through proactive, and effective, inspections and corrective actions.

Asset Integrity focuses on ensuring that the facilities and equipment are designed, operated and maintained in accordance with standards and codes for safe and sustainable operations across all stages of the asset lifecycle.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence means managing and improving the processes and practices that contribute to increased levels of mechanical integrity and process safety of the facilities and equipment. This includes equipment inspection, facility reviews, and regular integrity tests and inspections. It also means choosing to focus on improving practices with respect to: Equipment testing, quality assurance, maintenance of critical equipment lists, preventative maintenance routines, and maintaining robust procedures for start-up, normal operations and operating parameters, as well as for temporary and emergency shutdowns.

"The program was a great success but what's really great is that not only have changes stuck since the Evolve team left, but we're carrying on making more changes and more improvements."

~ Operational Excellence Program Shift Coach