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Change Management

Offshore Plug and Abandonment Part 2

In part one of this blog post, we discussed how to execute a P&A operation while staying on budget and potentially increasing cash flow, as well as some of the challenges that arise in trying to get there.  Now, let’s explore how to implement a solution that tackles those challenges head on.


Offshore Plug and Abandonment Part 1

The number of end-of-life platforms and wells is growing in The Gulf of Mexico: “As of February 23, 2015, BSEE data indicates that there are 241 platforms which fit the criteria of idle iron. In addition, there are currently 294 platforms on expired or terminated leases.  Of the 535 platforms eligible for decommissioning, 396 are located in water depths less than 100 feet. Of the 535 platforms, 130 are located in water depths from 100 to 500 feet.”  - BSEE Idle Iron Statistics. 


Utilities at a crossroads

We recently attended the Marcus Evans Power Plant Management & Generation Summit, where we participated in discussions with utility industry leaders related to key drivers shaping the future of the industry. 


The Culture Turbine

Recently I attended an industry conference for a cross section of people in the petrochemical and refining industry, which included a very diverse group of people in terms of backgrounds, roles and companies. However, everyone was a technical person (very few if any HR people) that had direct accountability for managing an asset base and driving business improvement. What struck me at this conference was how many of the presentations and one-on-one conversations focused on culture—culture of ownership, culture of continuous improvement, culture of safety and reliability. I found this interesting for a variety of reasons. First, as someone who works with companies in capital-intensive industries to leverage culture change as an engine for business improvement, it was exciting—wow! Second, it struck me that even just a few years ago, “culture” was not a thing that would be discussed at a conference like this—in fact many people would have politely disengaged at the mention of the word.


Is Change Management IN your Team or ON it?

“Is that a Project Management activity or a Change Management activity?”


Changing the Way We Work

In 2015, reacting to the drop in oil prices was the primary focus for Oil & Gas companies and it was all about costs.... cutting Opex, reducing CapEx and reducing staffing levels.


Coaching Growth and Fixed Mindsets for Organizational Change Part 2

We looked at people with a Growth Mindset first; I would now like to turn our attention to the Fixed Mindset.


Coaching Growth and Fixed Mindsets for Organizational Change

I’ve been wondering recently why there are some people who readily adapt to change, while others seem to struggle with even minor deviations from their routines. What makes these people think so differently?


Employee Engagement on the Critical Path for Change

Consultants go away at the end of any Change project, so any sustainable change must engage and involve your employees – the people who actually do the work.


How Great Data Prevents Organizational Engagement

Data – empirical evidence – is most certainly on the critical path to getting your organization engaged in a change effort.