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Offshore Plug and Abandonment Part 2

In part one of this blog post, we discussed how to execute a P&A operation while staying on budget and potentially increasing cash flow, as well as some of the challenges that arise in trying to get there.  Now, let’s explore how to implement a solution that tackles those challenges head on.


Offshore Plug and Abandonment Part 1

The number of end-of-life platforms and wells is growing in The Gulf of Mexico: “As of February 23, 2015, BSEE data indicates that there are 241 platforms which fit the criteria of idle iron. In addition, there are currently 294 platforms on expired or terminated leases.  Of the 535 platforms eligible for decommissioning, 396 are located in water depths less than 100 feet. Of the 535 platforms, 130 are located in water depths from 100 to 500 feet.”  - BSEE Idle Iron Statistics.