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Coaching Growth and Fixed Mindsets for Organizational Change Part 2

We looked at people with a Growth Mindset first; I would now like to turn our attention to the Fixed Mindset.


Coaching Growth and Fixed Mindsets for Organizational Change

I’ve been wondering recently why there are some people who readily adapt to change, while others seem to struggle with even minor deviations from their routines. What makes these people think so differently?


Employee Engagement on the Critical Path for Change

Consultants go away at the end of any Change project, so any sustainable change must engage and involve your employees – the people who actually do the work.


How Great Data Prevents Organizational Engagement

Data – empirical evidence – is most certainly on the critical path to getting your organization engaged in a change effort.


On the Critical Path of Change – Engagement

Back in the days that paddlewheel steamboats plied their way up and down America’s mighty Mississippi and Ohio rivers, carrying passengers and cargo, one of the critical activities for the boat’s crew was the regular testing of the depth of the river.


Why Change is Difficult

As the leader of a business, you are constantly strategizing, setting direction, and pushing for improvements – many of which don’t “stick” or arrive at all. What is completely clear to you, may not have trickled down in the organization to the front line where improvements actually take place. 


Why Is Creating Organizational Change Difficult?

Most people are apprehensive of things they are unfamiliar with – especially if the idea of loss is implied. Within an organization, this can translate into overcoming the fear of change.


The Real Reason that Change is Difficult

Over the years, I have had several clients ask me questions like “why is change so hard?”, or “why can’t we get this done?”.  While there are many reasons for their frustration, I would like to focus on a couple that, in my experience, really get to the core of the question.


How to Start a Change Journey in Your Company

The first question is “Where do we need to get to?”. The second question is “Why do we need to get there?”, and the third is “Why would anyone else want to come along?”.


Profitable at $50 Oil – Getting Beyond Cut and Cope Part 2

To thrive in the new $50 per barrel oil price environment, the most adaptable companies will have to move beyond the current mode of Cut and Cope, and transform to a nimble, lean, more efficient business model.