Business Excellence

The Evolve Business Excellence Framework is a set of tools, methodologies and approaches used to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of an operation, and maximize the return on investment through consistent application of key elements. We begin with a framework consisting of 14 elements:

It is through the applications of these elements that we help companies deliver results of significant strategic value. Increasing throughput by over 20%, increasing operating efficiency by 21%, reducing recordable incidents, reducing project cycle time by 75% -- all results with significant implications in terms of the impact they have on profitability, return on capital and shareholder value. Evolve helps our clients deliver results such as these through major Business Excellence transformation programs.

Many companies have already developed their own framework. For these clients we help them leverage and apply their own well-established Business Excellence frameworks. For other clients, particularly independent operators that are now recognizing the value of commonly understood and applied practices, we help them develop their own frameworks using the best practices of the Evolve-based framework. Whatever the stage of development, the key is that it is all about implementation—not establishing check lists or bureaucracy, but simple frameworks that enable people to deliver greater value from their business operations.

"We have been trying to achieve this for two years. With this approach we completed it in four months"

~ Director New Ventures