Continuous Improvement (CI)

Enabling Operational Excellence through the skilled and systematic application of continuous improvement and change management tools and methodologies.

The CI element needs to intentional and not accidental. CI focuses on building and providing a repository of intellectual capital and proven tools, methodologies and techniques that support an intentional and systematic approach to analyzing performance, identifying opportunities, prioritizing changes and making sustainable improvements to operations. This repository is the platform for turning plans into actions, actions into results, results into learning, and applying learning back into plans and is a key driver in achieving a culture of high performance.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence in CI means identifying and agreeing on the core set tools, methodologies and frameworks that support improvement efforts. It means building capability in the organization by giving people the opportunity and support to become skilled practitioners in using these tools, methodologies and frameworks to implement change and learn about "what works" when it comes to implementation. It also means having a clear process for communicating and integrating learning across the business.

"For me, Evolve reaffirmed the need for people to have a purpose and to align individuals with the team. It takes more than a great process to get results; it takes people who are switched on and who see the difference they can make."

~ Operations Performance Unit Leader