Data Acquisition and Integrity (DA&I)

Delivering the exact data the Customer(s) of a process need, on-time, and in the right units

The Operational Excellence Data Acquisition and Integration element is focused on identifying and describing standards for data collection, accuracy, timeliness and linkage to key business processes. It also includes protecting data integrity by developing proper governance around data storage, usage, and changes.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence in DA&I means firstly understanding the data that is critical to the organization and having clear standards and procedures defined for collecting, managing and protecting this data. It means ensuring critical business metrics are met, and the tools for reporting these metrics accurately and effectively are in place. It means establishing a platform for review of operating data and turning this into actions.

“After thirty-five years of doing P&A work, I’ve never seen a well that completed under budget until now; and we have remained consistent in our ability to execute at that level into the future."

~ Lead Foreman P&A