Evolve Framework

There are many views on what makes change successful.

Some might say it's a relentless focus on results or it's process improvement tools such as Lean Sigma. Others believe it's working on the management systems; the meetings, the KPIs, the decision mechanisms, the roles and responsibilities. Still others would argue it's all about behaviors and coaching or that leading and communicating the change is critical.

The truth is, successful change is about all of these elements. Miss one or two aspects and your chances of success are greatly reduced. For example, if you don't make a clear commitment to targets or results, the task will be seen as unimportant. Results will always take precedence. Ignoring work on management systems removes the mechanism to integrate changes into the daily fabric of the business. Finally, while a focus on results, processes and systems is a necessity for all initiatives, many miss the critical point that ultimately, the business is only going to make sustainable improvements if its leaders and managers can inspire, motivate and support its people to achieve more. This requires better leadership.

The trick is to work on all elements as one integrated program and use the current challenges as learning opportunities. Creating one unified program creates the opportunity to combine those areas that are already being worked on, while consistent leadership generates confidence that the process will be seen through to the end. This creates the opportunity to make connections between the different aspects of the efforts.

To address these issues, we've created an integrated model of change that works on all five aspects through various stages of the change process, and we make it freely available to our clients. That way we can bring the elements - tools, models or processes - that are missing while utilizing what already exists or is being worked on. We bring a proven integrated approach that builds upon your current processes which includes our insights on learning and has the appropriate style already built in. Simply put, we bring a proven integrated approach which is built upon our insights on learning and has the appropriate style.

"Working with a team of dynamic people toward a set goal leads to success. I have learned that change brings fear, but not changing can be more scary."

~ Communications Team Leader