Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Ensuring the safe and responsible operation of our assets to mitigate any potential damage to our people, communities, equipment and the environment

From an Operational Excellence perspective, the HSE Element is all about ensuring that clients have in place a robust Management System to gauge the performance of their Safety, Health and Environmental strategies in order to safeguard people, environment and equipment. HSE is about establishing a culture focused on safety as a top priority and an organization that understands and demonstrates the behaviours that assure safety of people, plant and the environment at all times.

What it means to “Achieve Excellence”:

Achieving excellence in HSE means believing that “zero” (spills, accidents, incidents) is both possible and attainable. It means acting in accordance with that belief to continuously assess the operation to identify potential incidents and put in place practices to prevent or eliminate them. It means and building an organization that role models the commitment to HSE and demonstrates the behaviors that assure the safety of people, plant and environment at all times.

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~ Delivery Unit Manager