Offshore conventional oil & gas production is still a critical part of the North American supply picture and will be for many years to come. Offshore operations present their own unique logistical and operation challenges. Increasing regulatory scrutiny and attention to integrity have placed an increasing workload burden on limited offshore resources. Evolve has the experience of helping clients to drive significant production, safety and cost benefits in the offshore environment. Evolve has also worked with offshore clients to improve offshore supply chain and materials management as well as how to manage work flow to create capacity for increasing work load demands.

Case Studies

Deepwater Well Delivery TLP Operations and Completions Engineering Case Study Deepwater Well Delivery

Well delivery improvement achieved by building a continuous improvement “Lean” culture
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Offshore Asset Decommissioning Offshore Asset Decommissioning

Building the capability to achieve operational execution
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Offshore Oil Asset Offshore Oil Asset

Building the capability to achieve business excellence in late-life assets
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Deepwater Subsea Completions and Well Interventions Case Study Deepwater Subsea Completions

Lean implementation drives improved performance
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Offshore Asset moves from good to great performance through continuous improvement Offshore Asset moves from good to great

Delivering the capability to achieve world class performance
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"Evolve's support has been invaluable. I had worked with consultants before, and I guess had the view that consultants were useful so long as you kept them 'in their box.' Working with Evolve has changed my views."

~ Delivery Unit Manager