Integrated Activity Planning and Scheduling (IAP&S)

Minimizing production impact and optimizing resource effectiveness through the integration and rationalization of work plans and schedules.

The continued maintenance, growth and development of operations depend on contributions from a number of functions. It is critical that the work and activity plans from each function be integrated to optimize resource deployment and utilization, minimize risks associated with concurrent work at a location and to minimize disruptions to production operations. The disciplines of IAPS provide the systems and processes to ensure a high level of visibility, coordination and communication of the work at any point in time.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Acheiving excellence in IAPS means working proactively and systematically to keep functional work plans visible, coordinated and widely communicated in the operation. It means having a rigorous set of processes to control what work goes into the integrated plan and when changes are allowed in order to preserve plan stability and integrity. It means having regularly scheduled meetings to integrate activities over the long-, medium- and short-term, eventually leading to tactical schedules for work execution. Lastly, it means reviewing performance data to identify opportunities to continuously improve plan and schedule attainment, stability, effectiveness and efficiency.

"The program was a great success but what's really great is that not only have changes stuck since the Evolve team left, but we're carrying on making more changes and more improvements."

~ Operational Excellence Program Shift Coach