Maintenance and Reliability (M&R)

Improving the reliability and productivity of our assets through effective management of our maintenance, reliability and work execution processes across the lifecycle of the assets.

The maintenance and reliability of the facilities is as critical to production performance as is the monitoring and optimizing of the process itself. The work performed on the facilities and equipment must result in increased asset performance and reduced exposure to risk, all delivered at the right cost. This requires focus on how to manage and review asset performance data, how to manage the life cycle of the capital asset inventory and how to identify, plan and execute maintenance and reliability work.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence in Maintenance and Reliability means having clear standards for asset performance, and the ability to collect, monitor and evaluate the data that drives that performance. It means proactively managing the capital asset inventory across its entire lifecycle, from acquisition through usage to retirement or transfer. Lastly, it means continuously driving towards efficient and effective work execution process, from identification and approval through to execution and completion.

“After thirty-five years of doing P&A work, I’ve never seen a well that completed under budget until now; and we have remained consistent in our ability to execute at that level into the future."

~ Lead Foreman P&A