Organizational Development (OD)

Building a high-performance culture by getting the right people, with the right skills, contributing in the right jobs at the right time.

The physical assets (reservoir, wells, facilities, equipment) rely on human assets to make them productive. In order to deliver business and operational targets, the processes, systems and structures to build a skilled, capable and sustainable workforce must be in place. This requires a proactive focus on the entire talent lifecycle, from workforce planning and acquisition, placement, people development and performance management through to rewards, recognition and retention.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence in OD means having clearly defined end-to-end process for workforce planning and development. It means having well-defined and designed organization structures that support collaboration, functional excellence and high levels of performance. It means having clear roles and responsibilities for employees so that they can make effective contributions. Lastly, excellence in OD means continuously working to grow the organization's capacity to scale and operate in a sustainable manner. </p

"The program provided a framework that enabled us to understand key issues and to confront them."

~ Onshore Manager