Production Monitoring and Optimization (PM&O)

Optimizing production processes from reservoir to pipeline.

Production processes (e.g., steam generation, oil and water treatment, wells and reservoir management) are at the core of operations. They are primarily what drive the business and maximize value for stakeholders. These processes form an integrated system that require attentive surveillance and optimization at every stage to maximize steam generation, ensure maximum well deliverability and optimize the consumption of variables such as diluent, chemicals and fuel gas. Production Monitoring and Optimization ensures that actual volumes delivered are accurately forecast, measured and reported, that production efficiency is maximized by analysis and elimination of losses and that opportunities to enhance production performance are identified.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence in PM&O means applying the tools, techniques and disciplines to systematically control and reduce variation in the process, eliminate losses, increase capacity in our plant and optimize the drivers of variable costs in the operation. In short, it means continuously working to eliminate process variation and raise average performance. Link to: An Ops Excellence Framework for In Situ Operators

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