Readiness, Commissioning & Start Up

Supporting the safe, cost-effective, on-time Commissioning & Start Up of a new asset, while ensuring the right people, processes, behaviors, and management systems are in place to drive world class operational performance from day one.

This element is about having the right people, processes, management systems, and behaviors in place to facilitate Operational Readiness of a new asset. Effective Readiness, Commissioning & Start Up management helps your asset not only get to the starting line on time and budget, but ensures your asset is ready to operate effectively in live operating conditions.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence in Readiness, Commissioning & Start Up means all core asset groups are effectively integrated and working together to achieve a common set of goals. It means having integrated schedules that are understood by all, and schedule compliance is managed effectively by asset leadership. It means developing consistent, rigorous processes and procedures that clearly define how people perform their jobs both now and in the future asset, and that these processes & procedures are tested via simulations with corrective actions taken. It means having a robust management system in place where pre-start up issues are addressed and performance is managed, with an effective transition plan from managing pre-start up activities to managing live operating asset performance.

"We have been trying to achieve this for two years. With this approach we completed it in four months"

~ Director New Ventures