Turnaround Effectiveness (TE)

Increasing the reliability and integrity of the facilities, and minimizing the impact on production, through safe and cost-effective execution of the turnaround process.

Equipment availability is critical for operations to meet production targets. Strategy and execution tactics for how and when to perform optimized turnarounds is a significant driver of value. It is essential that turnarounds are performed safely; leveraging cross-functional teams to reduce duration and costs while at the same time executing the work to result in increased plant up time.

What it means to "Achieve Excellence":

Achieving excellence in TE means developing a clear 3 to 5 year strategy for turnarounds to ensure execution and delivery of optimized turnarounds. This includes a safe work environment, turnaround management systems, rigorous scope, risk management, materials and contractor procurement, detailed scheduling process, change order and "found work" processes, effective project controls, contractor management disciplines, and clearly understood ramp-down and start-up procedures.

"Evolve's support has been invaluable. I had worked with consultants before, and I guess had the view that consultants were useful so long as you kept them 'in their box.' Working with Evolve has changed my views."

~ Delivery Unit Manager