Evolve Partners helps clients implement strategic programs that deliver significant shifts in profitability.

We work with premier clients in the energy and heavy process industries to deliver safety, production, cost and project delivery improvements that are different – different because our clients' results continue to improve well after we've gone. Our approach blends a thorough knowledge of industry-specific processes and systems with a focus on developing leadership capabilities at all levels. As a result our approach is more engaging and people learn to make even better performance interventions in the future. That is the art of implementation.

The Evolve Way

Evolve was born out of the belief that consultants could serve their clients in a better way. It stems from an idea that genuine and sustainable business improvement requires enough people in an organization to learn to make better interventions. It is built on the concept that clients should truly learn from the implementation process while still achieving significant financial business benefits.

So we created a business to meet this need. A business that consistently delivers both results and capability development − where clients and quality come first. A business that is passionate about creating better leadership and learning, where working with or for Evolve is a powerful and meaningful experience.

We believe that businesses have to provide meaning for their stakeholders and this is comprised of having a common purpose, personal growth, experiencing success and being part of a like-minded community. All too often firms fall short of creating this meaning because they sacrifice the long-term sense of purpose and growth, for short-term results.

Evolve wants to be different. We realize we have to deliver results for our clients and our business in the short term. However, we wanted to play the longer game − to truly focus on being a meaningful place to work and a true partner to our clients. This means that although we bring a wealth of industry best practice and tools, we don't provide "our solutions." We believe when we give the answers, we take away the opportunity for people to solve problems for themselves, and in so doing, reinforce the problem we are ultimately trying to solve, by removing the opportunity for personal growth. When you think about it like this, it's not surprising that most consultants are not very popular. But when you genuinely help people grow, it all changes.

We also realized that to take a long-term view we needed to be independent and self-owned. We needed to be free to do what's right for our clients and our people rather than being beholden to a share price and market pressures. Our long-term view has fueled our success and has reinforced our commitment to it.

Evolve Way Video

Evolve Team

Evolve Partners prides itself not only on superior business excellence implementation, but also on the quality and talent of its people. The company is flourishing under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest and most innovative professionals in the industry. Meet the Team