It's not work if you love it.

Evolve is a place that believes in people and encourages them to bring something more than just expertise. We are looking for people who are not only talented but also passionate about what they do. We believe the strongest people in the workplace are those who don't consider it work; it's something they genuinely want to do.

Working for Evolve.

Each of us comes to Evolve with a wealth of experience, yet we all accept that we still have much to learn. You will find that the people in Evolve are some of the most humble consultants you have ever met. We are quietly confident in our abilities, yet constantly aware of our capacity for improvement.

Evolve has a collaborative culture which encourages people to ask for input and welcomes input — even when it has not been specifically requested. We believe that being open to new ideas from many sources can only result in a better solution. We work in a team-based environment where no one wins unless we all win. We openly solicit and strive to learn from feedback given by our peers, and we endeavor to create an environment in which constructive feedback is seen as the truest form of praise.

We expect a lot from our people. The emotional commitment required to always remain optimistic and confident, while also striving to continuously improve ourselves, is intense. A career with Evolve is not for the faint of heart. In return for this commitment, Evolve offers its people:

How you work is as important to us as what you know. We are looking for self-aware people with the confidence to work in a truly authentic way with our clients. Our model requires us to work through others, so the ability to influence people at all levels of an organization is critical. We believe that affecting truly sustainable behavioral change requires us to work with our client's people day-in and day-out at their work site. We go to them wherever they are regardless of whether that is an office building in the center of town or, more likely, a large manufacturing plant or offshore platform.

Evolve Partners LLC is an equal opportunity employer.


Available Positions

Operations Excellence Consultant (US and Canada)

We are looking for professionals with five or more years of management consulting experience. Candidates should have a proven track record of helping major organizations implement complex change programs that have delivered significant improvements in business results that can be directly attributed to the bottom line.


Lean Six Sigma Consultant (US and Canada)

We are looking for lean experts. Successful applicants will have three or more years of management consulting experience and deep lean expertise.


"I have worked for several consulting firms over the last twelve years. Most of these have had vision statements and thoughtful philosophies on how they approach their clients and how they are different, but when it comes to delivery, the attention is turned to delivering the contract and not the desired outcomes. I have found that Evolve Partners not only has a vision and Framework for delivering results, but the discipline to be true to the brand and create meaningful work for both our clients and ourselves! We do what we say we will do, for our clients and each other."

~ Brian, Evolve Client Partner