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Organizational Change

Changing the Way We Work

In 2015, reacting to the drop in oil prices was the primary focus for Oil & Gas companies and it was all about costs.... cutting Opex, reducing CapEx and reducing staffing levels.


Understanding the skills of successful implementation

Organizations today increasingly recognize that implementation needs to become a core skill. In doing this, they are acknowledging that implementation requires specific knowledge and skills that go beyond straightforward project management.


Important pre-requisites for substantial learning

It is difficult to imagine that an organization can achieve and sustain higher levels of performance without learning something new. If no new capability is added to what the organization can do, then it is very likely that the same results will be achieved.


Creating an emotional connection to the journey

If your organization is to change for the better then, ultimately, your people must do the changing. Getting people to change has one critical first step – you need to persuade them to want to change. The only way to avoid this step is to miss the people out altogether – say by having consultants do the change for you. But this cannot lead to any increase in skills in the organization so your improvements will not be sustainable.


Rough Guide to Organizational Change Blog Series

Picture the scene: you’re a senior leader in a large global company, you probably have numerous physical assets all over the world and tens of thousands of bright, ambitious, highly educated and rational employees.